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  1. Hi, I own the pro version of VOM2MPEG. Today I decided to install it again and during the registration phase it returned this error:
    Please wait a few seconds whilst your machine license is generated...
    Unable to connect to the Registration server.
    Please click the 'Back' button followed by the 'Next' button to try again.
    I made sure I entered in my email and purchase code, but doesn't make a difference.

    I realize this software hasn't been updated since 2010 so i was wondering if there's some kind of patch or cracked copy I can use instead? I'm not interested in piracy but my paid version is no longer supported so just looking for alternate methods to activate my pro copy. Thanks.

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  2. I came across another tread about registering VOB2MPG Pro.
    See post #18
    Do not know if it helps maybe worth a try.
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  3. Thanks for the suggestion but installing .NET Framework 1.1 didn't fix it. I did notice this time it suggested I could activate using my web browser:
    Unable to connect to the registration server.

    The server may be experiencing difficulties or you may be blocking a request to on port 80 by VOB2MPG PRO with your firewall.

    Please click the 'Back' button followed by the 'Next' button to try again.

    Alternatively you can use your browser to get the code by clicking on the button below....
    - Your browser will go to a page with the registration code.
    - Copy all of the text in the textbox.
    - Cancel this wizard and the code will appear in the registration window.
    - Click "register" to complete the process.
    I tried this and Chrome returned this error after a few mins:

    Service Unavailable
    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

    Too bad
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    try sending an email to chris - registration_issues(at)svcd2dvd(dot)com it may be the registration server needs to be rebooted
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  5. It's working now... maybe I was just having internet issues that day. My pro version is now registered.
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