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    Hello !

    I'm really a newbie and I don't understand a think about batch and mkvmerge...

    I have a serie on my computer (let's call it SERIE). SERIE is about 220 episodes.
    Each file is dual audio, but the default audio stream is useless for me and I would prefer to set the second by default AND have the subtitles by default too.

    So :
    - Delete the current default audio
    - Set the second audio as default
    - Set the subtitles as default

    My files are named "SERIE - 001 name of the episode.mkv" to "SERIE - 220 name of the episode.mkv
    They are located in D:\SERIEFILE\
    The ID of each track is :
    ID 1 : Video
    ID 2 : Audio (the one I'd like to delete)
    ID 3 : Audio (the one I'd like by default)
    ID 4 : Subtitle (I'd like by default)
    My Computer run on Windows
    The Folder for good episodes is D:\SERIEFILETOP\

    If a person on this forum could help me doing a batch, because doing this for each episode one by one takes too much time...

    Thank you in advance for your help, and have a great day/night.
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  2. for %%a in (*.mkv) do mkvmerge -o "output\%%~a" --audio-tracks 2 --default-track 2 --default-track 3 "%%~a"

    Note: mkvmerge starts counting tracks at 0. See IDs via: mkvmerge -i "file.mkv"
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  3. MKVBatch. Set custom audio/subtitle filters if needed.
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