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    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me get the right settings for format factory.
    I'm trying to convert movies to play in the car.
    The car unit is a Kenwood DNX4150DAB.
    I've gone through all the books, all the web content I can find, and tried many different conversions, I am close but its not right.
    I am playing everything from a usb connection, music works fine, everything else works fine just videos have a problem.
    To begin with it would play videos fine but with no sound, so after a lot of mucking around I got it to play both video and sound but there's still black lines down each side of the movies, the most success Ive had is by doing this, open format factory, click mpeg, add movie to be converted, click output setting, choose VCD PAL,
    change video size to 720x480
    change video bitrate to 6000,
    change FPS to 29.97,
    change aspect ratio to fully expand, or 4.3/16.9

    If I change the audio sample rate from 44100 and the bit rate from 224, I seem to lose sound altogether, though I have only tried 48000 and 448 as they were default with other presets.

    Here are the specs for the player, any help with the correct video size, bit rate's, fps and aspects would be greatly appreciated as I've spent so long trying to get it right.

    DVD Specifications
    D/A Converter 24 bit
    Video decoder MPEG1/MPEG2/DivX
    Audio decoder Linear PCM/Dolby Digital/MP3/WMA/AAC
    Wow & Flutter Below Measurable Limit
    Freq. Resp. (96kHz Sampling) 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    Freq. Resp. (48kHz Sampling) 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    Freq. Resp. (44,1kHz Sampling) 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01% (1kHz)
    Signal to Noise Ratio 98dB (1kHz)
    Dynamic Range 98dB
    Disc Format DVD-Video/Video-CD/CD-DA
    Sample Frequency 96k / 48k / 44,1kHz
    Quantifying bit number 16/20/24bit
    USB Specifications
    USB Version compatibility 2.0 Full Speed
    File System FAT 16/32
    Maximum Supply current 1000mA
    D/A Converter 24 bit
    Video Decoder MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/WMV/H.264
    Audio Decoder MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/FLAC

    Monitor Specifications
    Screen size (Diagonal) 6.1 Inches Wide
    Screen Size (WxH) 136.2 x 72mm
    Display system Transparent TN LCD Panel
    Drive system TFT Active Matrix System
    Number of Pixels 1152000pixels (800(H) x 480(V) x RGB)
    Effective pixels 99.99%
    Pixel arrangement RGB Striped
    Back lighting LED (Light Emitting Diode)
    Video Specifications
    Color System of External Video Input NTSC/PAL
    External Video Input Level (RCA) 1 Vpp / 75 Ohm
    External Audio Max. Input Level (RCA) 2 V / 25 kOhm
    Video input level (RCA) 1 Vpp, 75 Ohms
    Video Output Level (RCA) 1 Vpp / 75 Ohm
    Audio Output Level (RCA) 1.2 Vpp / 10 kOhm

    Thanks for any help.

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    Seeking similar settings for Pioneer AVH
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