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  1. Only if I jump to a time on a DVD-Video, not a chapter, the DV-RW250's lens jumps to the beginning of the disc twice, which requires acceleration of the disc, (What data does it read there?) because CDs only are read as CAV (4/8), while DVDs 2/4 CLV.

    This does not happen on VR mode DVDs. Maybe because of UDF 2 00? (It also supports -VR on ISO9660 for playback only. Have not tried it yet there).

    For CDDA/VCD, there is subcode.
    For MP3/WMA, there is no time reference, so the device had to calculate it itself. Older embedded system devices such as the DV-RW250 allowed no fast forward/reverse, caused time inaccuracy (JVC RC-EX30 for MP3, DVrw250 for WMA), or time innaccuracy when pausing often (DV-RW250 on MP3 only).
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  2. Update: This effect also happens on VCD.
    SVCD untested, but should also happen.
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