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  1. jagabo: Definitely Raspberry Pi 4 is the one to get as it is a leap forward. I can't even imagine where they go with a RPi 5. I have watched various YouTube videos about Raspberry Pi 4 and the only negative I have gathered from them is that YouTube video playback is buggy for whatever reason on the RPi. That remote is very nice but once again it seems cheaper to import it from Amazon USA because Amazon Canada has that remote listed at 63 bucks or so. I would go with a heat sink for passive cooling though I don't have any intentions to tax the machine's resources. I am glad to see the price of solid state hard drives coming down as people say they are hardier and quicker. I have been tempted by 10 TB hard drives as well, hoping they can last for many years. I believe Android is limited to 2 TB, but does RPi have that same restriction? If so hopefully RPi 5 jumps that hurdle.
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  2. So one can use the Modem and plug in a USB external drive and stream videos through your ethernet?

    We have this Modem:

    So if we bought a 10 TB Hard Drive and made sure everything one would put on it is backed up on other drives, one could make five partitions and stream your own videos, music and pictures over your ethernet cables to your various boxes hooked to your TV via Kodi all without hooking in the Internet if you were to save the meta data that was scraped.
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  3. Yes. If your cable modem/router supports an external drive and is set up for network sharing you can play videos from there via Ethernet or WiFi. Some possible problems:

    The USB port on the router probably can't supply enough power for a 10 TB hard drive. It will probably need its own power supply (wall wart).

    The router may not support drives over 2 TB.

    The router may not support NTFS. You may have to format the drive FAT32.

    The router may not support multiple partitions. Use one partition and put different things in different folders.

    Back up all the files you don't want to lose. External USB drives are notoriously flaky.
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  4. jagabo: Thank you for this information.
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  5. My Sister is to get a new Android Tablet soon and I was wondering if someone could recommend a good ethernet to usb connector so she can access internet on it. I don't have WiFi enabled on our modem as I have never felt comfortable with WIFI and this has upped a couple notches now that Covid 19 kicked my butt into embracing Online Banking.

    She was given an iPad recently and she is locked out of that because it wants you to hook it to iTunes. Her Windows 7 laptop wouldn't accept iTunes and neither did my Windows 7 desktop. We gave up on that and she will just have to take it to someone who has iTunes and get it working at their place.

    My Mom has a Android Box coming soon. It will be terrific for her to play wordsearch puzzles on it. This is what we ordered:

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
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    Which Android tablet did your sister order? It would be helpful to know what kind of USB speeds and USB ports it offers before offering advice on an Ethernet adapter.
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  7. usually_quiet: Thank you for your response. I just emailed the Lady and she wrote this one is acceptable:

    My Sister is developmentally disabled and she has some funding for the Tablet. This seems like a really nice tablet.
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    I looked at the specs for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 16GB 9.6-Inch Tablet SM-T560 at Samsung's website. They indicate it has a USB 2.0 connection. The specs don't reveal if the port is USB type C or Micro USB type B but I was able to find pictures and reviews that tell me it is a Micro USB type B port. I still don't know if it is an OTG port, which would allow connecting an Ethernet adapter, or if it is only for charging.

    However, the Micro USB type B port may be difficult for your sister to use. I found a few reviews from people who bought one of these tablets indicating that they thought that the Micro USB type B charging cable that this tablet uses is harder to connect than the USB type C charging cable that their phone has, or that their kid wrecked the port.
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  9. Having a tablet tethered to a cable kinda defeats the whole premise of having a tablet. I think you should just enable your WiFi and use a good long password.
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  10. usually_quiet: Thank you for your response.

    jagabo: I was thinking that most of the time she would be offline and just hook the ethernet in to get some additional app.

    I wonder if there is a way that only her tablet could access WiFi and my computer and everything else remained by ethernet only. Maybe I could learn how to turn the WiFi on and off and just shut my computer off while the WiFi is enabled; then disconnect and turn it back on.

    Thank you for your response.
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  11. Most WiFi routers allow you to restrict access to only certain devices. You an also prevent it from broadcasting its availability to make it harder for anyone else to find.
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    If WiFi on your PC is provided by a removable card then you have another option for preventing it from connecting wirelessly. Remove the WiFi card.

    [Edit]Regarding the tablet USB port, I found a video on YouTube that demonstrates using the port with flash drives, so it is an OTG port. This adapter might work: It is reported to work on a Samsung Galaxy Tab E when running Android version 5.1.1 See
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    Originally Posted by jagabo View Post

    Back up all the files you don't want to lose. External USB drives are notoriously flaky.
    Perhaps I've just been unusually lucky. (?) Knock on wood, and all that. But I've been a huge fan of the 2TB. WD Passport portable HDDs, the Made in Thailand ones with 3 year warranties. I've accumulated a bunch of 'em, over time. They are used for portable / extra storage of video, also for use with my various streaming players, from the venerable WD Live TV up though Nvidia Shield and Skystrem boxes. Several of these USB portable external HDDs have seen heavy use -- for years now. None have failed, so far. There is one older, 320 GB. portable that was used mainly for software and data backup, which has gotten somewhat flaky, in the sense that only a couple of the computers that I plug it into can still reliably detect it. I think that is likely a connector issue.

    My general rule of thumb for this type of usage is that with any file that matters a lot and cannot readily be replaced it should always be redundantly stored on at least two HDDs. The HDDs are distinctively named: 'Such & Such #5', for example. Using a file manager program, I generate and try to keep updated catalogs of the individual HDD contents, which can later be quickly mass-searched for title keywords or under folder categories, such as "Documentaries." With huge numbers of items, this hopefully makes locating a particular one fairly straightforward.
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  14. jagabo: Thank you as always for the advice you give me and others.

    usually_quiet: Thank you very much. I will see about getting that ethernet adaptor.

    My Mom has 31 dollars left on her Visa Prepaid Gift Card, and Amazon is offering her Prime Free for a month, so maybe the money left on the card can be used for that. I am grateful for the 35 dollar free shipping but sometimes you don't plan things just right and you have less than that on the cards.

    Seeker47: I am glad that you post in this thread. I buy the 2 TB Seagate Hard Drives and for the most part they have been reliable. This being said I have to get more to make backups of my backups. I also want to try that 10 TB Hard Drive, even if I can just use it on my main computer.
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  15. Thankfully I made a mistake on my math and my Mom had 41 bucks left on the Prepaid Visa Card so we were able to order that adaptor and two other items.

    My Mom's Android Box came today and with Android 10 the Google App Store was a bit strange, I searched for "Wordsearch" and it would give a list of other stuff but I did install Lezisoft's Solitaire Game which is nice. I got some additional selections when I pressed on Aptoid TV button. I did get Tubi TV from the Google App Store as well and it works wonderful under this system I can select any episode of any show which is nice. I checked out a few seconds of "McCloud's Daughters" a show I know my Mom will enjoy as she used to watch it on VisionTV here in Canada.

    I am liking the box quite a bit, as it seems quite powerful.

    Here is the box she has:

    She also has this mini-keyboard:

    It is probably not the highest quality box but I was aiming for affordability and quality at the same time.

    The CBC News app worked. Some things that are preinstalled such as Firefox won't launch.

    It has a button on the remote for KDplayer which is Kodi.

    I did see a youtube video where someone said you have to sideload some apps to get them to work and you have to do something to get the full selection from Google Play Store.

    I don't want to install any illegal apps as what is legal and free is for the best.

    What apps I did install the download process was quite quick and understandable.

    Lezigame has a nice free word search game that my Sister has on her Android Box so I hope to get that on my Mom's box even though I can't seem to find it.

    Any advice to steer me in the right direction is appreciated. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me. My other big goal is to have Kodi be able to work with the little 2TB usb hard drive, and it accept what I have already scraped and saved to it via my Desktop Kodi. I save the posters, nfo information right with the files so hopefully I can get the android 10 Kodi to work with that so we can enjoy the fan art and the episode descriptions.

    I just wanted to note on my Desktop when I updated to the latest Kodi the 64 version finally worked for me. I have tried other 64 releases and they don't work but this one did and it was nice to see that.

    I forgot to add YouTube was preinstalled and it worked very well.

    Apparently there is an app to turn your android box into a personal computer which is nice:
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  16. I tried getting the Lesigame Word Search by using the Chrome Browser via their website and there was a link to Google Play Store that had it. I went through the install process and it seem to indicate it was installed but when you would actually try to access it was like a ghost and gone.

    I have heard that Netflix even though it is installed won't work and that has something to do with an HDCP issue and HD video. We have never had Netflix, so we aren't missing much there, especially since the Canadian version has a lot less selection. If we did have Netflix, I certainly don't need 4K quality picture, I would settle for 480i which would perfectly fine on my Mom's 22 inch bedroom TV.

    If I am grasping things correctly Android 10's Google Play Store, is upping the standards for apps to be hosted. Trying to ensure people's privacy more and I think that is a good thing. For whatever reason Lesigame's Solitaire was available and we have that installed. My Mom played it last night for quite a spell learning how to use a mini-keyboard. I discovered it worked much better when she would use the track pad to get the mouse arrow on the card and instead of tapping press down on the left mouse key. The keyboard is so sensitive though and really it takes significant practice for it all to be a nearly seamless experience. So she has Lesigame's Solitaire, a Spider Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, two Sudoku games and Tic Tac Toe. I was really determined to get word search on there so she wouldn't have to keep buying Word Search books. The dollar stores are the best place to buy them and she goes through a book pretty fast and I do think they are good to keep the mind active.

    My Sister is going to be sorely disappointed when her tablet comes and I am fairly certain it has Android 10 on it and she is going to want to play word search and word scapes; but I think wordscapes is available, I thought I saw it somewhere in the Android 10 Google Play Store.

    On to the pluses, the box is quite quick. I did hook up the hard drive with the files we have on a hard drive and the Kodi version on there did show the posters but descriptions were empty though those nfo files are in the various folders. So we still have our little media player and we will just watch our media on there. Boxcovers and such are nice but the little media player has the advantage of some important features as I have written about here or in another thread.

    The CTV app let us watch their Throwback shows such as Fantasy Island and it looks like that service has improved as it read the third episode has a running time of fifty minutes which means it was not edited to make room for more commercials. There are ads supporting it but the episode length is there, so I really think that is nice. I am sure it is DRM and I don't fully understand DRM but it saves me buying a box set of "Fantasy Island", and this gives me an opportunity to see if I really have much of a taste for the show. Not all shows we enjoyed back in the day we enjoy now. I remember all those years ago I liked "Starsky and Hutch" but I saw an episode on TV Land Canada and I couldn't stand to sit through on episode before I switched the channel and I wondered what the heck did I ever see in it way back when.

    CTV will let you watch there new shows but you have to sign up for that, and if it is anything like CBC Gem they want everything about you they can get; I almost think they will want you to have a colonospy examination and fax them those results as well. Global lets you watch Days Of Our Lives and Y&R without signing in, but prime time is strickly signing in.

    I forgot I had my Desktop computer in the modem at the same time as the Android Box, but the Online Banking is not stored anywhere on the computer and thankfully I didn't even sign into that yesterday and I make sure all the cookies are deleted. I quickly got in the process on just having the ethernet plugged in going to the Android Box when I was trying to install apps. My aim is for the most part to keep it off the internet; but it will be nice to watch Tubi TV and CTV Throwback when the mood strikes.

    I suppose CTV and CBC Gem if one was to sign up with a fake name and address to stay anonymous wouldn't accept you were Snickerdoodle McTavish III from none of your business, Ontario. Apologies if there really is a Snickerdoodle McTavish III somewhere out in the world; I think your probably all kinds of wonderful and I ain't trying to steal your identity and I pledge not to sign up for anything with that name but what a great name.

    I suppose eventually there will be a word search game available for Android 10 and I will just have to check every once and a while. I was feeling quite disappointed but if my Mom gets a lot of enjoyment out of the box just with the Solitaire alone it will be well worth the cost. My advice is to do quite a lot of research to see if a newer box has enough enabled that you enjoy before upgrading, I mean if there are certain streaming platforms that you are paying just try to find out if they will work on Android 10, so that you know what to expect and make your decision on how to proceed or not proceed.

    We will probably put of getting a Raspberry Pi for a while longer, maybe wait for Raspberry Pi 5. On the Rapsberry Pi 4 front they now have a version with 8 GB or ram. I read on the Internet that people are having difficulty getting Pysol Solitaire to work on Lynux devices such as the Raspberry Pi, which is sad as it has so many solititaire games built in. I decided Retro Pi and all this getting Roms and such is just not anything I want. I just like a the Nintendo Mario Games for the most part so we will just buy a Nintendo Switch someday, even though they are expensive.
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  17. One thing to note is that there are only a handful of true standalone Android TV devices. It all has to do with security. Not yours. DRM security for media playback.

    There is a special Android TV store with apps that support certified Android TV devices. Only those devices can access that store. And only those devices can run the apps (at least some of them, like Netflix).

    All the cheap Chinese "Android TV" boxes are uncertified and run Android tablet or smartphone firmware, not Android TV firmware. There are hacked versions of Netflix, Prime Video, etc. apps available for these boxes but they don't get access to HD video from those providers. And they are all designed for use with touch displays -- they expect finger taps, swipes, etc. So the apps don't work well on these devices.

    I like my Raspberry Pi for playing local videos (thousands of movies and TV episodes stored on a NAS) using Kodi. It does not have Netflix, Prime VIdeo, etc. apps because it lacks the required DRM security.

    Kodi has its own scraper that will find and download cover art, discriptions, etc. You must enable the feature and start the scanning process.
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  18. jagabo: You certainly have heightened my understanding of these cheap Android Boxes. I regularly watch videos on YouTube about Raspberry Pi, but I skip the Retro Pi stuff, it is interesting all of the various flavours on Linux OS they demostrate. But they always show very few basic word or card games it is just always some kind of arcade or fast paced stuff.

    I do have to buy back up drives so I will give the Android Kodi a try if the scraper will truly work with it. When I finally learned how to scrape and save to hard drive it wouldn't work on my Sister's Android Box anymore. I did research on how to get that working but it just didn't work out. I find it fascinating the box covers and descriptions.

    We are saving up to rebuild our home, and the goal is to have stuff digitized and well organized and as clutter free as possible. My Mom is eighty four so it has been an intense saving struggle for us both socking away as much as we can do get it done. Cov 19 really kicked my butt into embracing online banking and I was also thinking of Mom being entertained via technology as it is best to isolate especially at her age. It is good for her to learn new things.

    Thank you for your response and all that you do here for myself and others; it is appreciated.
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  19. Here's a good video on how to use a scraper in Kodi:

    That's in Windows but the same basic features are available in Kodi for Android, RPi, etc.
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  20. Kodi's metadata database is stored on the system drive. So scraping on one device doesn't make that information available to another device when you move the drive. I don't know if you can transfer the database from one device to another. I believe it's possible to create your own metadata files on the USB drive that can be accessed by any Kodi device:
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  21. I know at one point that on my Sister's Android Box using Kodi that I could scrape but it was before I fully understood the process of how critical it was at naming the files correctly. For whatever reason it made sense to name my files like this for example:

    TV_Series_S01Ep01__The High Cost Of Being Right

    It is suppose to be more like this:

    TV Series S01E01 The High Cost of Being Right

    Rename My Series is a program I found on the Internet that has been very useful for getting my videos files to match up with The TV Database. The program will not work with M2TS files but it likes .mp4

    Something happened with the Android Box Kodi that I could no longer scrape and by that time I finally had learned the steps. I had got one series scraped and the nfo files and such saved right to the drive, so I wouldn't have to go online and have scrape anew every time. But when I went back to do it again with another series I was blocked in the Kodi process of scraping. I will have to do another attempt soon with her Android Box to refresh my memory on the particulars, maybe I should search back through this topic because I am sure I wrote it down here. I remember there were some instructions at Kodi how to remedy the situation which I followed but it just didn't work and I had tried that several times and just gave up on it.

    On my Sister's Windows 7 laptop, thankfully the scraping process worked and she has several series looking just terrific with the box covers, fan art and the episode description and it was all saved into the folders on the hard drive. So in a season one folder there will be the video file, a poster .jpeg, a thumbnail .jpeg and a .nfo file all with the same name.

    I read somewhere about giving a hard drive a static drive letter such as "M" that if you scraped it with Kodi on an Android Box that you should technically be able to take it to any Android Box and you have the scraped data in the files Kodi should recognize and display it all; but it is doesn't work that way.

    So with your NAS setup do the files just rescrape each time or is that data saved. I know as you add new files you would scrape to update. With your big collection if it is scraping each time does it take quite a while to get it all done?

    I may have to get the Raspberry Pi 4 sooner than expected my Mom's Windows Vista Compaq Presario computer stopped working today. It may be the Universal Power Adapter she has for it acting up, so we order a new power adapter to see if it charges up again. It was a refurbished laptop we bought at Future Shop but I am fuzzy on the year. I think we will buy a new battery for it as well just in case. She loved playing Pysol Solitaire on it, spending many a hour over the years. The laptop may be finished. My Sister needs a new laptop battery for her Windows 7 computer, so we will put it all together on one order. My Mom kept her laptop off the internet, just about always she loves her Solitaire and Pysol has always been her favorite. I think we also get a spare power supply for my Sister's laptop as you just never know when one will wear out.

    Once again thank you for your advice.
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  22. Why I say Raspberry Pi or some really cheap laptop is because Prepaid Visa Card only go up to five hundred bucks and I don't think Amazon Canada or Best Buy Canada allow you combine two cards to pay for an order. But with Solitaire being on her Android Box maybe we can put off further purchases for a while. There is something to be said for Laptops, especially ones that still have DVD burners and players built in; especially to while away the time until their batteries run out during a power outage.
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  23. Originally Posted by Tom Saurus View Post
    So with your NAS setup do the files just rescrape each time or is that data saved.
    The information is saved in a database on the Android box.
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  24. jagabo: If memory serves this is what I learned to do and it works great on the Windows Desktop and my Sister's laptop:

    So with your setup it is storing the metadata I guess I will refer to it all as, in a database which is downloaded to the SD card that Kodi and your other apps are installed on? So when you add new files you direct it to scrape and add to the database?

    I really do need to buy some additional 2 TB Seagate Portable USB Drives, it is nice the regular price now is ninety dollars. I remember when I first started getting them they were 140 dollars regular price.

    Thank you for the information you are giving me, I am learning.
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  25. I found this with a Google search and it is kind of like what I do I put the new files on with my Windows 7 desktop and then take the portable drive mostly to the Media Player Box that is on my Mom's TV. It just plays files there is no Kodi interface on it. Now with her Android Box there are more options.

    I think I mentioned I have this drive labeled with the static letter "M" as I noticed depending on what you have plugged in the drive letter would change. I think if Kodi can save to a database in a specific single folder for Windows desktop pc which is different then what I have as I have it with the video files itself in the various folders that I would have to instruct it not to overwrite the existing files if you have just the way you want it and just scrape in for new videos as you add them because these database can change.

    So Windows Kodi would have its own database on the portable hard drive and Android should puts its database on the Android Box's SD card.
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  26. Thanks for that info about saving the scraper data to the folders with the videos. The location was a little different on my Android box. Instead of:

    System > Settings > Video > Library > Export Video Library > Separate Files

    On Android box and version of Kodi it is running the sequence was:

    Settings (gear icon) -> Media Settings -> Library -> Export LIbrary...

    Then it asked if I wanted to save to a single file or "separate files per entry". I tried single file as a test (I didn't want to write a bunch of db files to my NAS) but it wouldn't let me select an SMB location (Windows network) to write the db file. Since I really don't need this functionality I aborted at that point.
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  27. jagabo: You are welcome!

    Back to the Android Box, the CTV Throwback part of the CTV app worked quite well for us yesterday. We watched some episodes of "Hart To Hart" and every once and a while an ad would come up but they were quick and back to the show. The episodes beyond the pilot were 50 minutes in length which is probably means unedited as episodes ran longer back then. Episodes of "Maude" were listed as between 22 and 23 minutes; I believe they should be 25 minutes so these may be edited.

    My Mom got the hang of the mini-keyboard yesterday for the most part as she played Solitaire. I checked the Google Play Store yesterday, and installed an app called "Old Movies" which I believe is really a YouTube Channel, well regardless, my Mom and I watched a Martin & Lewis comedy called "The Caddy" and that made us laugh. The selection is very limited, and I sure hope word search shows up someday soon there.

    So my Mom's enjoyment of her Android Box is going up and that is nice to see. One thing about that mini-keyboard the "esc" key doesn't seem to do anything. I had to use the hand remote to back out of programs and such.
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  28. By the way, I searched the Play Store for "wordsearch" and not much showed up. But when I searched for "word search" there were tons of games.
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  29. For this particular Android Box, when you click on the Google Play Store App that is on the Home Screen you get very limited selection of apps. Now if you go into the Chrome Browser and search for it, you can find quite a selection but when you try to install, it may even indicate it is installing, it simply does not work. I think in total there are only about five solitaire games to chose from. When in Google Play on the older OS you have tons. But to their credit, I could never get Global TV or the CTV app to work before this Android 10 box.

    It is tough to describe but I will try to find a YouTube video or videos; but I have to be wary as a lot of YouTube videos when it comes to Android are describing accessing what they term here as Warez, and I need to stick with what is both free and legal.
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  30. I am trusting this video isn't leading to warez as far as I could tell it isn't. This Downloader program is in the Android 10 Google Play Store and I did install it but don't understand it yet.
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