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  1. Make sure your keyboard has the same mini USB connector. Some may have a micro USB connector.
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  2. jagabo: I remember that I tried the charging cable for my Sister's cellphone and the mini-usb end would't fit into the keyboard. This is the mini-keyboard that we bought:

    If only they would spell out exactly what type of cable it is in the specs on the website.
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  3. Smartphones usually have Micro USB connectors for power (because they're thinner). That keyboard is sold by many different companies with only minor variations. Mine doesn't have the LEXMA logo and the touch pad has some graphics printed on it. Everything else is identical (as far as one can see in the images). It has a Mini USB connector for power. Mini (left) and Micro (right) connectors:

    [Attachment 50681 - Click to enlarge]
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  4. jagabo: Thank you. Looking at the slot where it plugs into on the mini-keyboard it fits with the mini-usb cable end.
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    I have so very many damn power / charging & data connection cables around here that things can easily get confusing.
    What I've taken to doing that helps -- and especially because memory becomes increasingly fallible over time -- is to use my Brother label-maker to make small, descriptive labels that should be applied to these things very shortly after they first come out of the box, if not immediately. So, for example, one went onto the charger cable & adapter saying "Samsung Galaxy 4", even useful for the years-later time when I replaced that with the Galaxy 7, and specifically labeled the accessories for that. (I tend to keep a cell phone for 3 - 4 years. Not being one of those folks with the quick, techno-upgrade itch.) Perhaps their chargers and their (separate) car chargers were functionally the same, but I did not want to take that chance. About to happen again, as I've now had that Galaxy 7 for around 4 years: it is getting slower and more bogged down, the charges lasting for less and less time, even though I do zero music or video on it, and not much internet usage. I had a few different models of Thinkpad over the years, and so labeled their respective power bricks -- most of which otherwise look similar. This seems fairly obvious in retrospect, but it is definitely helpful to be able to ID these things without a doubt and at a glance.

    I'll probably order each of the cables jagabo mentioned. That's one thing about the Rii 8 cables: I always seem to be one or two short for those. Don't know where they disappear to, but they do. Gotta stay prepared.
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