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  1. I am using mpv

    but how on earth do you save the video you are altering
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  2. Originally Posted by sneaker View Post
    You have just copied the link I put above. Did you not read what I said. I need to know how to save changes you make
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    Probably this
    It seems to me too complicated for everyday using....

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  4. follow this
    it is nicely explained with examples, I have mpv portable and I have mpv.conf in portable_config directory (located in the same directory as mpv.exe is)
    mpv whateverin.avi -o new.mp4
    works, that mp4 is created
    EDIT: that config is not set up correctly like that, it is just some defaults, so investigate why or just setup x264 variables in that command line
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  5. Thanks all but I still have not had a reply on how to save any alterations you have done to a video, plus like Bernix said, its a bit too complicated also for me too, so will give up on it. Im no good at all this scripting stuff, too old for all that.
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