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    Hello, first sorry for my bad english, and,my bad knowledge.

    When i was recording something with my galaxy s3, the camera app (not the default one )stopped working several times but by an repetitive way, anyway some videos were
    saved. Even though it stopped working all the time, this videos has enough kb to work (to have image and audio) in my opinion.

    since they are corrupt, or don't have metadata/headers or something like that, so i investigate, i can't make them work, i tried many things, common repair programs, ffmpeg, hex editor( cut some part and pasted in a good video) without results, I only get sometimes a video with repaired audio but not the image, which is what I need.

    I do not understand almost anything about this topic, I publish the corrupt files and a file that works well in case it serves, it is recorded by what I remember in 1920x1080 at 30 fps I think, I hope you can help me, thank you very much

    edit: i forgot to say that this happens to my several times before and i can repaired it with common programs without problems, I do not know why not now
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    I think you are out of luck unless you have a good recording from the same camera and use a commercial restoration program. You have only three 'ATOMS' and most important, you are missing the MOOV atom that tells what to do with the MDAT file.

    C:\Users\Bud\Desktop>atomicparsley C:\Users\Bud\Desktop\22112017_095845.mp4 -T
    Atom ftyp @ 0 of size: 24, ends @ 24
    Atom free @ 24 of size: 3195, ends @ 3219
    Atom mdat @ 3219 of size: 4009675, ends @ 4012894
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  3. Is it only few video that are corrupted or all the videos recorded using this Galaxy S3 is getting corrupted?
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  4. Hi,
    There are free software that you can try. I did a search on this: but I am not sure how secure it can be.
    The software that can create a duplicate file and then repair it is more ideal as it does not damage the original file further. If you are able to take a copy of the video file, then you can use free software on the video copy to repair, otherwise I would not recommend this. I have used a paid tool to repair mp4 video and it worked. Check if this is of any help. I suggest to go for a paid tool only as a final step.
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