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  1. Dear friends of the forum, I will appreciate help with the following question:

    I have a subtitle in ass format (edit in Aegisub program), it has lines with several colors (one color for each actor) and some dialogs at the top of the screen.

    They are subtitles that are used for people with hearing disabilities (SDH).

    On the computer I use VLC and I can see the movie with the subtitles correctly.

    I need to create a dvd and a bluray that has the subtitle with several colors.

    - Dvd Architect and Adobe Encore do not support this subtitle for authoring Blu-ray.
    - Dvdlab, Adobe Encore and DVD Architect do not support this subtitle for DVD authoring.

    - I have read that Spruce DVDMaestro supports this subtitle for DVD authoring, but it is impossible to get it.

    Please, what program supports subtitles ASS for authoring DVD and Blu-ray?

    Thanks a lot for your help.
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  2. Marsia Mariner
    IF that subtitle file is fully-compatible with the SSA format 4.0, then you can convert them to a picture-based format with MaestroSBT.
    DVD-lab Pro accepts the Sonic Scenarist format (.sst).

    There are freeware applications which can generate Blu-Ray subpics from SSA scripts. Just keep in mind that whereas DVD-video does not go beyond 720x576, Blu-Ray video normally means 1280x720 and 1920x1080 therefore, the SSA header should be adjusted accordingly.
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  3. Yes, MaestroSBT might be the way to go. But ... but ... DVD allows for only four colors and one is a transparent background color. That leaves three. One of those is usually a black outline color. That leaves two colors for different people speaking. And, by doing that you can't have an anti-aliasing color. I've seen retail DVDs with two different main colors, but when making my own I much prefer having an anti-alias color. It's easy enough to convert ASS subs to the SSA subs that MaestroSBT accepts for creation of graphic-based SST subs. To keep the styles they'd have to already conform to the DVD limitations. I know nothing about Blu-Ray subtitles.

    No authoring application really "supports subtitles ASS for authoring DVD and Blu-ray". Unlike ASS which is text-based, DVD subtitles are graphics-based. Some programs might accept them as input but they will always be converted.
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  4. Marsia Mariner & Manono... Thank you so much for your help.
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  5. Thanks "videobruger".

    Not, I need soft titles.
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