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  1. Hi. For reasons I won't bore you with, I've had to make some of my conversions using AAC audio rather than MP3. Once converted, I like to check the bitrate of the video to see if I need to set the CQ rate factor higher or lower. This was easy with MP3 - see 'A' in the attachment. For some reason, using AAC results in mediainfo not having this information (B). Even with mediainfo opened 'properly' all it shows is overall bitrate.

    Does anyone know why this should be? And if there isn't a 'fix' for it, are there any similar apps that would tell me the video bitrate with the minimum of fuss i.e. such as merely hovering over the file as you can with mediainfo? Thank you.

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    there is another program that show bitrate of AAC properly. But it is using mediainfo, so I think there is also way in mediainfo.
    Search for link to Playtime application. There in some thread is. It was originally developed for just duration of plenty of files, so it is fast, but overall it has not all things that Mediainfo has.

    Edit: Or try Mediainfo Text format. It has more information.

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  3. The "easy fix" is to use a MP4 container instead
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  4. Originally Posted by pooksahib View Post
    Once converted, I like to check the bitrate of the video to see if I need to set the CQ rate factor higher or lower.
    This doesn't answer the question but I'm curious how knowing the average bitrate helps determine what the CQ setting should be.
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    You're looking for a way to correlate the CRF setting to the bitrate produced? It depends entirely on the video condition
    and other settings such as resolution
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  6. Switch to full text display in MediaInfo: View -> Text. It will show more information.

    Bitrate is not a measure of quality. If you want a specific file size you use bitrate based encoding. If you want a specific quality you use CRF based encoding.
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  7. View/Test is what I meant by opening mediainfo 'properly' in the first post (only overall bitrate is given). I need to use mkv due to my Dune media box not always liking mp4's. Apart from that, I seem to have opened a can of worms which wasn't my intention. If I produce an acceptable video on the 'first run' but the bitrate is particularly high then I'll do it again on a lower setting.
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