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  1. Hello.

    I will be capturing some old video 8 videos I have and am wondering if it is possible to capture a tape multiple times and then combine them to create one higher quality version? For instance, I know you can combine multiple photos to make a higher quality photo, so could this not be done with video 8? Since video 8 is analog, everytime it is captured the video will be slightly different, the noise, ect. So I am assuming this can be done if the software exists to do it.

    Thanks for your time
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  2. Yes, it's possible. There is an AviSynth median filter that's very good for this. With Video 8 the noise on the tape is much stronger than the random playback noise. But it's good for removing random dropout "comets". If you don't have a line TBC you can reduce the horizontal time base jitter. But a line TBC is better for that.
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