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  1. Example of translation:
    Here the address is coded:
    #EXT-X-KEY:METHOD=AES-128,URI="abematv- license://B9UtUPnVzpzjcq7ky1DHKFh8An1hya6VMGHRLWjf5SRZ",IV=0 x99fd8ee5a35713fb098efce763a7b2d1
    Found such a network request:
    cid: "DgvrRo98Z6supj"
    k: "CZeTXDGfq1X3qVMoFceexD5"
    I tried to edit the playlist and save it with fmmpeg, but it did not work.
    Tell me, please, how to do it correctly?
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    Hi...i am also trying to download it the same way you used...but it seems that it is sending requests to the server and gets a key and that key is used to play the video for over 5-30 sec and then it changes again...

    Also ffmpeg gives error on license , even though if you seperate those link it will give error by saying ts file has no data...

    Hence , its not possible to download it using ffmpeg
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  3. The value of "k" does not change for a long time.The segments from the playlist are individually downloaded.
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