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  1. Hi all,

    Wondering if there are any solutions for command line batch authoring. Basically what I have is a folder full of .mpv and corresponding .ac3 files. I would like to author each into a DVD structure with 5 minute chapter marks and no menu.

    Are there any options to do this quick and easy?

    My current method uses tmpgenc dvd author however it's very tedious for things like this.

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  2. DVDStyler has a CLI mode.

    [Attachment 44110 - Click to enlarge]

    Make a DVDStyler project Template.dvds using the file Muxed.mkv with the menu pre-command:

    [Attachment 44111 - Click to enlarge]

    and the post-command for the title

    [Attachment 44112 - Click to enlarge]

    Then use a batch file like

    for %%g in (*.mpv) do (
    ffmpeg -i %%g -i %%~ng.ac3 -c copy Muxed.mkv
    DVDStyler /s /i %%~ng.iso Template.dvds
    I havn't tested it but hope you get the idea

    PS Change the default chapter length from 10 min to 5 min

    [Attachment 44113 - Click to enlarge]
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