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  1. I have been following every single step and still no luck. What is wrong with my computer?
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  2. I just wanna give up man. I have been finding solution. People give me how to do and still can't use that filter. It has been 1 year!! Maybe I am too noob. :") Still need to learn a lot even if I could use that filter. I am like stucking at the beginner's level.
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  3. Are you sure that's the version of AviSynth you are using? Note that some programs install "private" versions of AviSynth -- MeGUI for example. Then there are 32 bit and 64 bit versions of AviSynth. The two have no access to the other's filters or plugins folder. If you you use a 32 bit editor/encoder/player then you need 32 bit AviSynth and 32 bit plugins. If you are using a 64 bit editor/encoder/player the you need 64 bit AviSynth and 64 bit filters.

    Note that MCTemporalDenoise isn't a plugin, it's a script. Therefore it will work with either 32 bit or 64 bit AviSynth -- but it needs to be in the correct plugins folder to autoload. If it isn't autoloading for some reason you can import it manually into your script with:

    import("C:\Program Files (x86)\AviSynth\plugins\MCTemporalDenoise.avsi")
    Of course, the plugins it requires must be installed for it to work:

    If you have MCTemporalDenoise installed or imported correctly, but you are missing those other plugins, you will get an error message about those plugins.
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  4. Or stop beating your head against a wall and use a different denoiser, one like Dfttest. Much easier to get going. You just need the DLL and libfftw3f-3.dll put in the correct place
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  5. Manono, Can you tell me what should I use for Dfttest? I m denoising the above file ( I sent here before)
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  6. Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled222.png
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ID:	46950 Ystd, It was all okay. I can denoise with Dfttest and Finally, I was satisfied. Then I used aWarpSharp to sharpen color. Everything was ok, I could see preview until it opened like that today. IDK what is going on again. I have put that library in corresponding Window Folder. All went well ystd and I even encoded. However, as I want to copy some line from that .avs file and I found that happen and could not encode anymore.
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  7. Originally Posted by Smart Jason View Post
    Manono, Can you tell me what should I use for Dfttest? I m denoising the above file ( I sent here before)
    I haven't looked at the sample. The Sigma value defines the strength of the denoising. The default value is 16 so raise or lower it for more or less denoising. The included doc and the page on the AviSynth website explain all the DFTTest parameters. There are a few sample settings in the Quick Start section. The default DFTTest() is a good place to start (and maybe finish). As with all denoisers, if on too strong you might get 'ghosting'. Something like MCTemporalDenoise (Motion Compensated Temporal Denoise) tries to keep it to a minimum. Be sure to check some places with lots of movement to make sure it's not happening. Or, if it is happening that you're okay with it.
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