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    Xvid 1.3.5 is available:

    Originally Posted by hajj_3
    Changes since 1.3.4:

    xvidcore library
    • AmigaOS build patch by Fredrik Wikstrom
    • Support for applevel multithreading mode also for AVI output in xvid_encraw
    • Set interlacing flag in decoder correctly
    VFW frontend
    • Re-add support to decode raw YV12 input FourCC video
    • Fix: Produce debug output only when debug option is enabled
    DShow/MFT frontend
    • Fixed bug in thumbnail creation on Windows 7
    • Fix output buffer stride calculation in MFT
    • Setting interlaced flags on output pins correctly in DirectShow and MFT
    • Corrected pixel aspect ratio support in MFT
    I compiled CLI tools quite easily in a MABS environment (MinGW-Win32/GCC 7.2.0):
    • /trunk/xvidcore/build/generic $ ./
    • /trunk/xvidcore/build/generic $ ./configure
    • /trunk/xvidcore/build/generic $ make
    • /trunk/xvidcore/examples $ make

    Attached: Win32 and Win64 builds from v1.3.5 "release" source archive with max. 8192 zones
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