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    Youtube :

    When i use 'Google Chrome' and 'turn on'Hardware Acceleration on setting system
    when i upload my video on Youtube it look very bright than the original ('Black Color' turn to -> Gray)

    but when i watch another video on youtube on Black area ('Black color is still black') why? It doesn't look very bright like my video
    I render my video on After effect Cs6 use format that h.264 (Too Bright) / quicktime (seem okay but still bright) /

    // if i 'turn off' hardware Acceleration.
    My video look great (Black is Black) and it's okay

    ** How can i fix this, i want to know
    How can i render / setting project / or I missing to setting something / what's a codec (you/they) use for render the video to make a video doesn't look too bright when it 'turn on'Hardware Acceleration

    (I use Pc/Win8.1 Chrome)
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  2. Fix your graphics card's video proc amp settings. The problem you are seeing is the difference between "limited range" (Y=16-235) and "full range" (Y=0-255) video.
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