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    I'm interested in broadcasting a library of videos (h265/aac) LIVE over the local area network.
    The goal would be that someone with VLC or perhaps even over an HTTP page of sorts could watch the live stream, which is using a library/playlist of videos.

    It would therefore NOT be a video-on-demand but just as though it were regular television where you tune in and see what is on at that moment.

    Does such software exist for such a setup?
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  2. Use VLC's streaming option and set the destination to a multicast address. Make sure your rourter is set to enable broadcast packets.

    On the server (, drag/drop a video onto a batch file:
    Start /b "VLC" "g:\program files\videolan\vlc\vlc" -vvv %1 --sout udp: --ttl 12
    On the clients, run batch file:
    Start /b "vlc" "g:\program files\videolan\vlc\vlc.exe" udp://
    Other protocols are supported to: rtp, http, etc. See docs.
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