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  1. Hey All,

    I have just started working with Premiere Pro and would very much like to master the process of ripping DVDs, and importing their contents into Premiere Pro for the purpose of creating awe-inspiring music videos.

    From my very limited understanding of how this all works, I need to download and install a decrypter program, and will also need a conversion program to convert the VOB file to AVI type 2 (I was told that this is the format I'll need to work with in Premiere.)

    So far so good?

    From what I've read, a good decrypter is DVDFab, and a good converter is Handbrake.

    I should also mention that I'm a Mac user, currently working on the High Sierra OS.

    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    You want to keep best quality?
    Decrypt + rip to vobs. Demux to mpg2 vid + ac3/mp2/lpcm audio.
    Convert to quicktime mov (prores vid + pcm aud). You might could skip the demux step if your convert app accepts vob sources.
    Edit in PPro & save master also in prores/pcm in mov. Then export copies to mp4(avc,aac), etc.

    Avi is Windows-centric, not Mac. = not appropriate for your setup.
    Type1 & type 2 only refers to how mov or avi treat DV material, of which you have none that you've mentioned.

    Back to square one...

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  3. Thanks, Scott! I definitely want to keep the best quality possible.

    Does it matter which program I use to Decrypt & rip? Does DVDFab fit the bill?

    Thanks again,

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