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  1. Issues with connecting ELGATO HD60 S as opposed to directly to the TV.. the brighter unreadable txt is when its connected through Elgato and the darker one is connected directly from the PC to the TV. please help..i cant stream and play because it makes the game unplayable. thank you

    [Attachment 44032 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. Thanks for replying... itís not as simple as brightness to be honest. When I open PuBG while the tv is connected to Elgato, it opens normally but at soon as I click on the screen to play the game the screen flickers and makes the images brighter and a little distorted. I wish I could explain this better but English is my second language so itís a bit harder for me to explain.

    Any ideas?
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  3. OK, cat gone. Sounds to me like a termination problem, assuming you are using an analog connection. I'm just speculating here, but - if the pass-through connection is not made correctly, the normal 75 ohm load may be missing. This would make a very bright picture just like you show. Make sure you connect according to the instructions (they are different depending on the source).
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