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  1. Iím looking for video editing software suggestions for my 9 year old son who would like to create videos for YouTube and learn some basic video editing.

    It needs to be simple enough for a child (literally) but ideally it would have enough features (or a more feature rich version we can upgrade to) to allow his skills to grow as he gains experience. It would also be good if whatever approach it takes to organizing and editing video clips is transferable to a more full featured editor as his skills develop.

    Freeware would be great but Iím not totally opposed to paying for something if itís the right choice and reasonably priced.

    For now heíll be shooting most of his video on a ďDROGRACE Children Kids Camera Waterproof Digital Video HD Action CameraĒ that captures 1080P/30fps videos. Heíll be doing the actual editing on a relatively under-powered corporate laptop.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You could try AVIDemux. It's a basic freeware editor and works with most formats.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. I would go with AVIDemux for the most absolutely basic editor, it's free, it's simple, however, it's really basic and can't do some things. You could go with Videopad, it's got more features and there is a free for home/non-commercial use.
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  4. Get a real NLE like Vegas Movie Studio. It's inexpensive, it's powerful and you can focus on doing the project.

    It's easy enough to get going with the basics and you can learn more sophisticated functions as you go. My daughter loved it at that age.
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    +1 for VMS, for similar reasons. Kids are smarter than most give them credit for - don't underestimate them. MS will give them good stability, good terminology, good workflow fundamentals, and room to grow without relearning.

    Similarly, I would never give a kid a "kiddie" musical instrument. It does more harm than good. If they're truly interested, the real thing is a better draw and better vehicle (and also better resale value if it goes bust on those rare occasions). Conversely, you don't give them the Stradivarius right at the start either.

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    If your kid is looking for program with multiple tracks and transitions effects + video audio effects then most probably as suggested earlier Vegas Movie Studio. But it is not free. Actually you noticed, that price is not problem. There are several free alternatives. For example Kdenlive, Openshot and many more. You can find list of NLE software in software section. Here is link there.
    Kdenlive from my point of view is great, but there is some difficulties with installation. But installation process for OS is described on their homepage. (ffmpeg instalation and says to program where some files are)
    I would suggest start easy with any NLE software, start with simple cuts in one video tracks, then learn how to apply effects to audio and video, and then how to do transition between tracks. And of course watch tutorials on youtube.

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