Hi all,

it seems I've run into a bug with Potplayer (latest version I believe, 1.7.5545). I'm posting to see if this is known and reproducible or just an issue on my end I couldn't find any info after googling.

1) Load a file with 2 subtitle tracks embedded, everything works fine at first, you can cycle between the track normally.
2) Change the subtitle-related preferences in any way I don't think it's related to any specific setting, literally any one.
3) The next time you load the same file, it only includes 1 subtitle track, the other just plain seem to not exist. (It does appear in other players.)
4) Initialize the settings in Potplayer; now the 2nd subtitle track is back.

Has anyone else experienced this? I haven't investigated a whole lot into the issue, because I figured I'd first try to see if this was already documented.