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  1. I would like to write a program that will put ISOs of several DVDs onto a BR and keep the original disc menus while adding a new menu to seclect which disc is to be played.
    As far as I know no one has done this.
    Where can I find source code for DVD and BR authoring programs?
    I know C some C++ but do not know any Java yet but am willing to learn.
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    Nobody has done this because there is no Blu-ray player in the world which would support such a disc.
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  3. Take a look at DVDtoBD. But it does not keep menus.

    Menus work entirely different, codes are perhaps different as a whole, different commands, not sure you'd implement keeping them. DVD specs calls that code as VM command, most similar to old assembler code, sort of. Working directly with memory cell etc. Remember peek and poke ? Guys like them (who that won that new optical disc format war) tend to break whatever used to work before and start from scratch, (to have unique market, to keep up with new technology, whatever.

    Do you mean taking video or menu's extracting subpictures and creating new menu (say rather number of submenus, each for particular DVD) entirely from scratch , just keeping video and sounds? Fotr me it looks like the only way to go I'am afraid.
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  4. DVD VM commands, I used to have it printed, downloaded it from somewhere, if you look for Scenarist manual you might google it.
    I recomend PGCEdit to read VM commands. That is a unique and heck of a tool. Load your VIDEO_TS, and you can use step function to see what lines are processed, what those commands do etc. It also shows the whole DVD structure. Not sure how would you manage without that software trying to do whatever you intend to do. If not having PGCEdit perhaps weeks and months of reading some manuals (before PGCEdit was available), like manual for Scenarist software that Hollywood uses to create their DVD structure. It is the only DVD authoring software where you design DVD just by writing those commands. Or take a look at DVD LabPro, it is much cheaper software , and does almost the same but their command line section is very difficult. While designing DVD to its potential in reality it is much easier to design DVD in DVDLabPro , design menus and videos, VTS's, menus, export VIDEO_TS (even if not working, ignoring error messages) and to fill VM commands to the detail in PGCEdit

    Anyway, to create a new BD menu, just selecting movies of those DVD's or better to say their titles (that is DVD terminology) is much more reasonable.
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  5. So if having more DVD's you'd need to extract all videos from that DVD (video titles). Somehow re-wrap them into BD format m2ts. Create menu to select those titles (including bonuses, all titles that are present on a particular DVD) . There are tools for that , some of them even working with windows command prompt, like PGCDemux if I remember correctly, but I could be wrong. Reverse engineer those softwares like PGCDemux, VOBtompeg, ffmpeg. Those types perhaps just join those VOB's and change a container, not sure if demux is present really. Each title could be present across more VOB's. Because maximum VOB size is 1GB.

    To author a Blu-Ray most likely you need just raw video streams and raw audio streams, in just particular codec like m2v video mpeg2 stream, AC3 audio stream, mpeg1Layer2 audio stream, PCM audio stream. DGindex is used for demuxing those VOB's to those particular streams and joining them - there are only five types of streams in specs m2v as mpeg1 or mpeg2, AC3, mpeg1layer2, PCM - that can be on DVD. Plus subpicture in sub format. ffmpeg might be tool for that perhaps, but I always use DGindex. Downside, it is indexing video first, it takes a bit of time. You might create your own demuxers using C++ (or its modules that are already out there, not sure how C++ works). That DVDtoBD has devoleped its own demuxer maybe.

    Creatin BD menu, no clue.
    BD authoring, no clue as well.. Just using tsMuxer from time to time, that's all. That create BDMV directory structure without menu.

    Or you could turn the things around a bit.
    First creating one DVD out of many DVD's, not respecting maximum volume of 4.3GB , just maxing it out all the way to about 25GB.
    So in reality you could create just one DVD where titles are added. T
    hen rework it to one Blu-Ray. What DVDtoBD does. That might be easier, more doable, but cumbersome and weird if designing a tool like that. But there is plenty tools that work with DVD like that already. Adding titles to DVD. That is what I'd be able to do right now If someone said I need to put those two DVD's into one BD. Merging those DVD's and then using DVDtoBD. I'd just use videohelp here , couple of searches, folks do it all the time - changing DVD's.
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