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  1. YouTube does not allow to upload my audio (mostly mp3) files directly. I just want to harness YouTube's machine learning capabilities to generate subtitles for my spoken word mp3s (and other audio files). I'm looking for best recommended, cross-platform ways to do this, including platforms like:

    - Linux
    - Mac
    - Windows

    - the Cloud

    - Android
    - iOS

    What I tried to use is OpenShot, a free video editor for Linux/Mac/Windows. I just pressed a few basic buttons on the interface (thinking like using basic settings), an mp3 converted to a video file I was able to upload to YouTube for my purposes, but man! Conversion took so long (on my mediocre i5 laptop with no dedicated video card). Then I though this is probably not the wisest way to go about it, so I thought it's better to ask you. All the above platforms can be interesting at one point in my life, or another. For example if and when I'm happen to be with an even slower computer, why not harness the power of the cloud? And those pocket computers (iOS and Android) can be quite powerful, too, so why not use them?
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  2. ffmpeg. You can generate a black frame or use a still image for the video, in a few seconds. There are many threads here about this. For example:
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  3. Or you can use internal ffmpeg filters to display spectrum, waveforms etc.
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