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    I haven't had much luck with trying to Google this, especially since the majority of the results tend to be "Hey! Try our massively bloated shareware app that's just like 3546235234 others out there which dosen't really do what you want!", so I figured I would try asking here.

    I am trying to clip/trim some MP4 files I have, I really don't need a video editor or anything more complicated than that. In fact, I would prefer it if I can just extract the zip/rar/7z file and run the program instead of having to install it. But I am terrible at using CLI-based apps for video editing like MP4Box, I tried them but I just can't get the timings right, I need a GUI to see exactly where I am cutting/trimming the video.

    I have tried VirtualBox... but it dosen't support exporting to MP4, and all the external plugins I found for it to do that required me to re-encode the video when I just want to trim it without re-encoding.

    I tried MyMp4Box GUI but the GUI is barely just a frontend for MP4box with no actual visual representation or preview of where in the video you are cutting... plus it's designed to split a video, not just cut or trim it.

    I tried LosslessCut (which I am pretty sure it also just a frontend for MP4Box), but it seems to not do it properly and many of the output results in the video being blank unless you manually seek around... so it's definitely doing something wrong.

    I just want a simple freeware app where I can load a video into, where I can see the video and scroll around, and choose a start and end point for it to extract between. Can anyone recommend something like that?
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    You can use Avidemux. I believe there is a portable version. Just set output format to MP4 (there are 2) video copy audio copy. But remember. Your start cut (A), has to start on I (keyframe). End cut doesn't matter. Then save and it start working.
    You have to start on keyframe, because it seems to me your videos are Group of picture based, and you don't want to re-ecoded them. If you want start on P or B frame your video, you have to re-encoded them, so no video to copy mode, but choose what compression and settings for compression should be set.

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