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  1. Hello,
    I'm stumbling through this great bit of software attempting to make a photo sideshow to music as part of an xmas present. I'm using the file sequence wizard as its by far the easiest way, however I cant preview what I'm putting together to ensure that the pictures are changing in line with the beat of the song. I also want to put certain pictures in at certain times to correspond to lyrics. I've added a sprite from the sequence wizard to the timeline with a few pictures to see how its going, however I cant find a way to edit that sprite. Is there a way to select it and go back into the file sequence wizard for the sprite and continue to add to add pictures to it?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. Typical! After spending the last 90mins trying to work it out I post this and immediately figure out how its done!! For anyone wondering you click on the sprite on the time line then the option to edit it in the wizard appears in the top right hand corner in the properties window!
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  3. Good that you found out how to do it. However, it always helps us to respond with a meaningful reply if you mention the name of the software you are using.
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  4. And showing the program name may help the next person find the post.
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