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  1. Most important changes:

    Video compression dialog is not locked to capture format.
    You can use any codec (involving format conversion when needed).

    Audio with up to 8 channels is possible.
    How it is enabled depends on source driver. I only saw it with BlackMagic driver: go to Audio->Capture filter and select number of channels.
    This also includes output (listening) support, channel mask, volume meter and some other bits.

    Thanks to kind contribution by Peter B. Without him I would not dare doing this update.


    Walkthrough by menu:

    Device->Disconnect: added hotkey.
    Device->Screen capture: suppress trail effect. Unfortunately it only works in pre-DWM system (e.g. Win7 Classic scheme).
    Device->Video file: fixed various issues which made this option barely useful (even for experiments).

    renamed and moved some options.
    Now "Preview (system)" means "grab capture pin, and display it using system-created renderer".
    "Display with filters" means "grab capture pin, do whatever processing is enabled, and display it using builtin method".
    Field mode is separated and progressive by default.
    Enabling Histogram etc is automatically switching to "Display with filters", because otherwise it cannot operate.

    All the changes same as in conversion mode: filter codec list by source format, select codec/conversion.

    Video->Set custom format:
    Added new supported pixel FOURCC's.

    Audio->Volume meter: it will display any actual number of channels.

    Audio->Channel mask: new feature to remove unwanted channels and also select ones for listening.

    Audio->Capture filter: this provides access to certain driver settings, e.g. number of channels.

    Capture->Real-time profiler:
    This can now be enabled any time and is actually useful to spot performance problems.

    Capture->Options/Preferences WTF: renamed to something more informative.

    Capture->Capture settings:
    New option "Maximize CPU power.." allows to tweak current power scheme for the duration of capture.
    This way you can normally use default power scheme (with CPU power based on usage).
    High CPU power is critical for capture because otherwise system can "fall asleep" while waiting for next frame.

    Side panel:
    Main block:
    CPU usage is calculated as percentage of whole system (same value as in Task Manager).
    CPU power indicates current power management.

    New block "Processing task" indicates if any of the following is enabled:
    Output format conversion
    Cropping video
    Video filters
    Audio channel mask
    Audio resampling
    Dropping video frames

    This serves as simple reminder because it is more difficult to check everything in menus.

    Also: saving DirectShow driver settings has changed. It is now supposed to save more of them.
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  2. Currently it is still problematic to capture with compression to H264 or any other format which delays output due to B-frames or frame-threading.
    May result in some empty frames in the beginning and some truncated at the end (and skewed A/V sync).
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