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    Hi folks!

    I want you to ask if someone know a way to capture a live stream on Facebook?

    My alltime music favorite playin tomorrow in his hometown Omemee in front of 200 people and this concert coming on Facebook tomorrow night!

    I try often to recording live streams on Facebook with no success!

    Any help was great!!!


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  2. Hi ,

    > I want you to ask if someone know a way to capture a live stream on Facebook?
    If you have a link working , try this . Maybe good ( I haven't tried ) .

    Below a batch file ( obviously used under windows ) , staying in the directory containing 'livestreamer.exe' :
    @echo off
    set "ua=Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008071615 Fedora/3.0.1-1.fc9 Firefox/3.0.1"
    set ladate=%date:/=-%
    if "%TIME:~0,1%"==" " (set ext=0%TIME:~1,1%H%time:~3,2%mn%time:~6,2%) else (set ext=%TIME:~0,2%H%time:~3,2%mn%time:~6,2%)
    CHCP 1252 > nul
    COLOR 9F
    echo !!! Exemple de lien Facebook : !!!
    echo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    SET /P lien_FB=Entrer l'adresse de la page : 
    echo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    "e:\base\wget.exe" -q -U "
    %" --no-check-certificate "%lien_FB%" -O "Page_Facebook.txt"
    type Page_Facebook.txt | "e:\base\sed.exe" "s#""#'#g" | "e:\base\grep.exe" -o "hd_src:'[^']*" | "e:\base\cut.exe" -d"'" -f 2 > link.txt
    set /p link=<link.txt
    echo Link: "%link%"
    livestreamer "httpstream://%link%" live -o Video_FB_%ladate%_%ext%.mp4
    to make it working you need 4 .exe files : wget , sed , grep , cut ; staying in the folder "e:\base" .
    Change this : depending of your configuration !!!

    Also need : regex2.dll ; staying in the folder "e:\base" .
    Regex for Windows

    While the batch is running ; paste the link https... ( on the right of 'Entrer l'adresse de la page :' )
    You'll get a file ( looking like ) "Video_FB_30-11-2017_21H14mn07.mp4"

    ( sorry it is written in french ) .

    Cheers .
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