Hi all, wasn't sure about which section to post but I guess this is most relevant... sort of.

My company has a lab where we have our equipment set up to train technicians. We also have a classroom downstairs from the lab. The situation that I'm currently trying to set up is one where an instructor in the lab can wear a camera while working on the equipment and another instructor in the classroom can direct his actions (via walkie talkie). This will allow technicians sitting in the classroom to get a good view of what the lab instructor is doing on our large screen.

The main issue, I think, is that we need to send this feed from the camera through a local WiFi network to a PC in the classroom. This WiFi network does not connect to the internet, it is just a closed network dedicated to this function. I can see some camera options that have built-in WiFi capabilities but are either meant to just send your recordings to a storage location to be played back later, or require some internet service to encode/decode and then send back out.

We can get whatever software is necessary for the PC but i'm not sure what camera I should be looking at or if additional hardware is necessary, all while keeping the spend under $2k.

Any suggestions are appreciated!