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  1. I have DVDs that I would like to rip to my computer. I mainly have DVDs and no BluRay DVDs. Is one DVD ripper better than the other? Does it matter which DVD ripper I use? Do BluRay rippers have better ripping quality?
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    you would need to use a decrypter that can handle the latest copy protections such has dvdfab or anydvd.

    both have 30 days free trials and after the 30 day trial is up both revert to the free version that
    can copy some of the latest releases. you will need to buy a license for both dvdfab or anydvd
    in order to decrypt the newest copy protections.
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  3. Thanks for the reply but I was not referrring to the software i.e. DVD fab but instead hardware. Does it matter which physical DVD ripper I use? Does it affect ripping quality?
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  4. DVD drives just read data from a disc, as long it can do that, it does not matter which one you use,
    dvdfab or anydvd are called "rippers" not DVD drive
    but neither of them influence quality, that's encoders job or it's better or worse settings, that influence the quality of encoding
    if you do not encode but just use your DVD drive and ripper - DVDFab (without encoding, just passthru) or anyDVD the quality is the same as original DVD, because you just copy those DVD data to your hardrive
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  5. Alright got it. Thanks
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  6. Some drives handle scratches / dust / fingerprints and other defects better than others, though. But if the disks are in good condition and clean it shouldn't matter.
    If you have several drives available and want to verify before starting the batch ripping, rip 2-3 disks with 2 or more drives, then verify if the output is exactly the same, with WinMerge, TotalCommander, or any checksum tool. If all perform equally well, as they should, choose the fastest, or the quietest.
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