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  1. I installed Daum PotPlayer v 1.7.4353, dated 10/27/2017 10:54:44 on a machine running Win XP SP3.
    I like to control when the apps I have installed access the internet: I have thus
    1) Set the check for updates feature to never, I also went over other settings for a need to access the internet at other times, I found none.
    2) Blocked the outbound access for PotPlayer, both to my network and the Internet.
    Every time I launch PotPlayer, it attempts to connect to the Internet through a number of IP addresses, not all the same every time. Curiously, it does not attempt to connect to my gateway or DNS, it seems to "know" I am already connected to the Internet!.
    I have logged some of the addresses it tries to connect to: (a non listed number in Haven, Kansas) (Kakao Corp, Daum Communication Co.,LTD, in Korea!) (Daou Technology in Korea!) (Daou Technology in Korea!) (Daou Technology in Korea!) (Korea Telecom in Korea!) (Korea Telecom in Korea) (Korea Telecom in Korea)

    why is this happening?

    I attempted to register in the Daum PotPlayer forum but they have a graphical captcha that my computer did not display. Javascript is disabled in my computer and may have caused this?
    The behaviour of this software is like a spyware and reports the data to a foreign country (should I be happy that is the S and not N Korea)?

    Does anyone know any video player (other than VLC) that does not spy? (Once i prevented VLC from updating, it never attempted to contact anyone).
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    Because you are using old version, I can't confirm it but i think it is somehow related to chat. Try in Preference disable (Use various browser when you don't chat in the chat area) And also as you mentioned updates to never, also uncheck Auto download files if an update is available. It is not done automatically when disabling auto updates.

    Edit: found this on internet- You wanna run PotPlayerMini.exe for the 'offline' version instead of the executable with the "LIVE" icon just called PotPlayer.exe which has all the chat and online features.
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  3. Thanks Bernix for chiming in.
    As indicated above, the version I am running is v 1.7.4353, dated 10/27/2017 10:54:44.
    The executable I am running is PotPlayerMini.exe, dated 8/27/2017, curiously, the version is
    Autodownload files is an update is available is unchecked.
    I am about to give up on this otherwise excellent player. With all the big Techs spying to their hear content on PCs and smartphones (and even hardware companies like Intel running hidden OS in their chips), I don't need more software logging my musical tastes or who knows else.
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    I do not use this player but from its 'Terms Of Use'

    Article 5 (Collection and Use of Data and Other Information)

    (1) Daum may collect and use data from the computer of Users as a part of its product support services that are provided to Users in connection with the Software. Data that may be collected solely include the type of computer and type of operating system used on the computer, memory capacity, type of graphic card, Directx version, media player version, type of webcam and TV reception card.
    (2) Daum will use the above collected data only for the purpose of improving the Software or providing service or technology that is suitable to the user environment of the User and will not use such data for any other purposes.

    Such information is not, IMO, in its normal accepted sense, 'Spyware' and the creators of the sw might have a perfectly valid reason for doing this.

    But nothing in this world is totally free. That 'free' software that you download and use always comes at price. It comes down to whether you are prepared to pay that price.

    But surely if you can remove all the settings that access the internet then the sw can not do so. Whether it would still run is another matter. But why not just try by turning your router off and start the program.
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  5. Thanks DB83.
    PotPlayer was allowed access to the Internet during the installation process. At that time, more likely than not, it inspected my system and transmitted its configuration home. I understand that some "free" software packages need to collect information. I am not sure why that info has to be sent to Korea, though, and that rises suspicions.
    Following your suggestion, I:
    1) Physically disconnected my PC from the router by unplugging the network cable. When starting PotPlayer there were no attempts to connect to the Internet.
    2) Reconnected the cable and disabled the Internet connection from the control panel. When starting PotPlayer, no attempts were made to connect to the Internet.
    When I re-enabled the Internet connection and started PotPlayer, it attempted to connect to all the sites in succession.
    I guess I will need to disable the Internet connection every time I use PotPlayer, the alerts from my Firewall (I want to be alerted) are an annoyance.
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  6. Potplayer is actually for personal broadcasting system (PBS) in Korea, not solely for media playback. Media playback part is addon though it is pretty powerful for general use.

    So the term of use is, strictly speaking, not for local media playback and you are not the target users of the company. It is just translated without deeply considering the rest things as the company doesn't really care about international users outside of Korea and so does the mini version. As you may know, there are two version from Potplayer installer. One is Live, the other is mini version. The mini version is nothing different from the main version except for removing networking part required for PBS. However, it is not seriously considered just like the term of use. The initial connections of mini version comes from Live version. Originally, mini version did not exist.

    When live version is started, it is natural that there are multiple network connections as it contains mini web browser panel for their service.

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  7. Why not to use firewall that enables you to forbid an application or its modules to get to internet?
    There are standalone applications that do not need to be installed (portable versions) if you have a choice so you can forbid them to go to web by firewall before you start them up. Some applications can be "unzipped" from exe and used like that. There is players like MPC-HC or mpv that do not need installation.
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  8. Thanks Sheppaul for that explanation. The version I installed has the miniplayer as a default executable during the installation.
    What you say makes sense if the app is used for broadcasting.
    I am using a firewall that enables me to prevent the executables or program portions (dlls) from having inbound or outbound connections to my network or to the internet. Firewall alerts were what indicated to me that PotPlayer was attemting to connect to the internet. Looking at the Firewall logs and/or using another network connection monitor told me what IP addresses or networks PotPlayer was connecting to and a simple whois gave me the information about the sites.
    The main problem was that PotPlayer was so desperate to connect outbound that it has been attempting to do more and more times and nowadays I have to wait up to 30 seconds before it gives up and starts playing.
    I am no longer using PotPlayer. A pity because it was a good software.
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