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  1. Howdy

    about a month ago I accidentally left my JVC left on in it's bag for several hours. Naturally, it got rather warm!

    Since then I have had issues with horizontal lines flickering mostly at the bottom of the frame and rippling up, through the rest. It seems to increase with camera movement - pans & zooms and at higher apertures .

    I expect it's stuffed (although it occasionally works ok; not so often I'd trust it on a job!) but can't find any other examples of this issue so wondering if anyone can explain what's going on?

    Example attached.

    Any advice, suggestions most appreciated.
    Image Attached Files
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  2. Shot in the dark here, but maybe it can get the ball rolling. Sony cameras of the same vintage used to create similar artifacts when the image stabilizer went bad. If you turn off the stabilizer does it go away?
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  3. Thanks for suggestion. The HM700 doesn't actually have image stabilisation. Would have been handy on occasion!
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