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  1. I have a Blu-Ray (and ISO) in Dolby TrueHD Atmos 7.1.4 and would like to create a digital copy to be played via USB stick on different platforms. What would be the best way to approach this? I am think MP4 or MKV...any ifno as far as what would be easiest to play on various devices?
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    MakeMKV can achieve this for you. Just insert the disc, choose the disc in MakeMKV and select the required tracks you need and you will have a 1:1 copy of the main Video and Audio in a MKV digital file.
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  3. He perhaps means to make sure that Atmos audio track is played on different platforms, like different devices, players, software players. In that case another track in simple AC3 should be made, say about 640kbps. So if user gets a "silence" while playing first Atmos audio track, then there is a chance to switch to the other track, or get rid of that Atmos track in the first place.
    make a new audio 640kbps (default if not set) in AC3 using eac3to.exe:
    "eac3to.exe"   "makeMKV with Atmos track file.mkv"   "new.AC3"
    or use eac3to GUI
    then use mkvmerge to add that new.AC3 into that MKV.
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  4. if including Apple try MKVtoMP4 then, change audio as well to get MP4
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  5. Thanks to everyone for the help. I created MKV and M2TS files with Dolby TrueHD Atmos tracks. I made two copies of each one with single audio stream and secondary files with second DD 5.1 audio streams. It is interesting that some media players such as blu-ray players will play MKV while other will only play M2TS. It has been a good learning experience nevertheless so thanks for the input.
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    I maybe would suggest muxing the DD (lossy) track as first audiostream, then the Atmos track as second.
    I learned to understand that with some "smart" tv's, there are issues to be able to switch to 2nd (or more) audiotrack, (maybe especially, I can't tell for sure yet) when 1st one is TrueHD/Atmos.
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