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  1. In this image, you can see the "recorder information":
    In this case, it is a Plextor PX-716A.

    I have questions regarding the disc drive identifiactors.
    • Where/How is "recorder information" saved? On what LBA (logical block address)?.
    • Why does DVD minus include that information, but not DVD plus?
    • Does DVD-RAM include that information too?
    • Is that information re-burned with every DVD-R session or only specified once at the beginning?

    I would appreciate any clues.
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    Look at beginning sectors in ISOBuster - you will see there are areas where one can put info in Optical discs (whether UDF, ISO660 or Joliet, etc) the Volume Identifiers: System, Volume Set, Publisher, Data Preparer, Application. Likely the "recorded using..." is used/put in one of those via the burning app.
    How do you know DVD+ doesn't include this? If the recording app didn't include it, doesn't mean the media doesn't support it.

    All modern OSes read either ALL sessions individually (MacOS) or the Last session (and cumulative with earlier sessions IF it was burned that way). If session-at-once, look to the last session. If disc-at-once, there's only one session. If packet-writing, there's a whole different protocol.

    Why are you needing this? Not really helpful in today's world unless you are a historian/archival detective.

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