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  1. Dear Friends

    I love to encode 60fps videos and I have been using MeGUI_0.3.5_x86 for almost 7 months and have encoded so many videos and movies in 60fps and in double frame rates, back than everything was installed properly no issue while installation or updating MeGUI_0.3.5_x86 and worked like charm, few days back i have to fresh my windows operating system So i Installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I installed MeGUI_0.3.5_x86 and when it asks to restart MeGUI to complete the update url=]MeGUI[/url] i click ok but it gives me error:

    Couldn't Run Update.

    I tried several times but every time when it came to the restart step it crashed, I tried over and over, tried re-installing MeGUI_0.3.5_x86 every time it gives the same error.

    Then I tried latest version of MeGUI_2774-32 and extract it, it worked and encoded some videos also, but after some days i don't know what happen i am getting an error while loading videos

    Couldn't load Video Stream check if its a valid Avisynth Script or Avisynth is properly installed

    I have been looking for a fix for 2 days with no avail.

    I tried following:
    1. removing special chractors in videos;
    2. installed Matroska Splitter;
    3. K lite codec tweak > Preferred Splitters> tried Hali for Avisynth and others, tried LAV also
    4. re-installing Avisynth, MKV Tools Kit, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack with Profile 9
    5. i also tried MeGui_2774_64, and it stucks at updating Avisynth asks for restart over and over and over
    6. Using same Script as given by Spirton

    I don't know what is wrong here please please guys help me on ......... someone please i need to fix it

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  2. Ok i fixed the issue by my self !

    Its Sad no one replied !!

    all I have to do was adding some additional avisynth plugins given by Spirton in to tools>Aviysynth_Plugin folder inside MeGUI.
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