Have few mixed Laser discs DTS and AC-3 and want to capture them to computer to make m2ts files with either DTS 5.1 or AC-3 5.1 (Maybe authoring to Blu-ray later), I will be getting a LD player with component out (Not sure what LD uses RGB or YPbPr ?) and an RF modulator for the AC-3 part, My question is: Is there a single capture card that can accept component and SPDIF/Toslink at the same time without having to do the video part and the audio part separately and then Mux later?

I'm aware that there are devices with component and HDMI inputs but not sure about Coaxial/Optical inputs. In that case maybe use Coaxial/Optical to HDMI adapter?

What about the capture software? Once again is there a single solution capture software or it has to be done separately with 3rd party codecs in a workflow?