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  1. Hello

    When i open in Gui tsMuxeR a m2ts stream make automatic the meta file :

    [Attachment 43785 - Click to enlarge]

    how can make this meta file from command line?

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  2. First, you drop your file onto tsMuxers GUI, unselect streams or leave them selected, whatever you need, thencopy that metafile. Like you already did basically.

    Then make batch script that you are going to run. The part where you make that meta file will be:
    (you did not post a text, I will not retype that image of yours, this is different example, just follow a pattern replacing your file with %~1, that is dropped file or first argument in batch file function)

    echo MUXOPT --no-pcr-on-video-pid --vbr  --vbv-len=500                       > "remux.meta"      
    echo V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC, "%~1", insertSEI, contSPS, track=4113    >> "remux.meta"    
    echo A_AC3, "%~1", timeshift=-39ms, track=4352                 >> "remux.meta" 
    "tsmuxer.exe" "remux.meta"  new_%~n1.m2ts
    that batch script will be more elaborate, that is the part where you design your particulat meta file, not sure how much you know or if this is the way you wanted to go

    Just note, I think, If I remember correctly, there was a bug in tsmuxer.exe, it cannot create new file like this with spaces in it because running command line with quotes as an output destination did not work.
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  3. I have too many variables that I can write the meta file self.

    - 15 Languages
    - 15 SUbs Languages

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  4. You rip more Blu-Rays like that with tsMuxer? Meta files will differ a bit. Yes, Each BD is different. You'd need to generate new meta file for each BD.

    Why don't you use eac3to.exe to get streams you want then muxing it into MKV (or tsMuxer). eac3to.exe is a tool dedicated to that. It demuxes streams of your choice from Blu-Ray to hardisk. Then you mux them. This has the same speed effect as copying them to hardisk and you copy only desired tracks.

    Check ClownBD . It is a GUI that reads Blu-Ray and makes m2ts or MKV. It uses eac3to.exe to get those files (under its GUI's hood)
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  5. I dont understand your Replay, i need a commandline tool ..
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  6. -eac3to.exe lists a titles of that BD
    -you select titles or tracks, give it a lot of subroutines depending what to do with it

    -for encoding it gets a bit elaborate, for just copying, or getting CORE from HD audio, it is not difficult, but anyway you have to recognize all possible eac3to readings (parse it from that listing), labeling, language,I think they are (if something was not added recently):

    if "%stream_type%"=="Chapters"        set kind=c& set "track_name=Chapters.txt" & goto :print_chapters
    if "%stream_type%"=="h264/AVC"        set kind=v& goto :print_video
    if "%stream_type%"=="MPEG2"           set kind=v& goto :print_video
    if "%stream_type%"=="MPEG1"           set kind=v& goto :print_video
    if "%stream_type%"=="VC-1"            set kind=v& goto :print_video
    if "%stream_type%"=="DTSMasterAudio"  set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_dtsma.DTSHD
    if "%stream_type%"=="TrueHD/AC3"      set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_thdac3.THD+AC3
    if "%stream_type%"=="TrueHD"          set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_thd.THD
    if "%stream_type%"=="DTS"             set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_dts.DTS
    if "%stream_type%"=="AC3"             set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_ac3.AC3
    if "%stream_type%"=="E-AC3"           set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_eac3.AC3
    if "%stream_type%"=="AC3EX"           set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_ac3ex.AC3
    if "%stream_type%"=="AC3Surround"     set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_ac3surround.AC3
    if "%stream_type%"=="AAC"             set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_aac.AAC
    if "%stream_type%"=="RAW/PCM"         set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_raw.PCM
    if "%stream_type%"=="MP2"             set kind=a& set track_name=Audio_%language%_mp2.MP2
    if "%stream_type%"=="Subtitle.PGS"    set kind=s& set track_name=Subtitle_%language%_PGS.sup
    EDIT: HEVC was recently added, it is not listed above
    Last edited by _Al_; 19th Nov 2017 at 11:48.
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  7. nice big thx
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  8. cool
    important addition, if you are going to parse that track line from eac3to (either just with yourself or with script), I replaced parentheses that eac3to prints, they are not acceptable in batch scripts, and I also removed Atmos label , because eac3to command line makes no different if handling as AC3, I do not remember exactly but I think that was the case, so I just remove that "(Atmos)" from it:
    for  /f "tokens=2,3 delims=:," %%m in ("%track_line%") do ( set stream_type=%%m& set language=%%n)
    set stream_type=%stream_type: =%
    set stream_type=%stream_type:(Atmos)=%
    set stream_type=%stream_type:(PGS)=.PGS%
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