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  1. Hi folks.

    I have an issue with a small list of bluray. I'm building them with BDREMUX MKV or Full Bluray versions. Although MKV or BDMV folders play all right via DLNA, once the discs are muxed and burned, playback problems become visible.

    An example: Elysium. At the begining of the movie, there's a spaceship moving out from Elysium spacecraft. It moves to earth, and when our planet does enter into scene, there's a litle playback stop (maybe 0,1sg), then a 0,3sg of fps drop and then it goes on all right.

    Another example: Low contrast or movement on screen. Initial Lord of the Rings presentation titles (Wingnut films presents, a New Line Cinema production, etc), do fade in and fade out. This fades shows the same problem, a small stop, a fps drop, and then all right.

    I've tested playback changing colour depths and pulldowns in the Yamaha config with no results. I've tested all video properties changes in tsmuxer with no result, so I decided to recode Elysium with BDTOAVCHD and see what happens. It worked, and now I can extract this comparison from Media Player Classic properties:

    Elysium Recoded

    Elysium just Muxed with TSMUXER

    What is my mistake?
    What can I do to detect the problems, and what can I do to avoid recoding those BDREMUX MKV/FullBluray bluray original premium quality streams????

    EDIT: Here the info reported by MPC when playing original BluRay Ender's Game:

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    Do you have the same problem when you play back the original BD?
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