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  1. I often listen to wsmc
    I used to be able to click this m3u8 text file:'
    and vlc would immediately play the stream, but starting yesterday, that stopped working.
    Of course, I can still go to
    and press the arrow on the website to listen, but it is much better if I can just click on a m3u8 (or pls, xspf, etc) file and get vlc to start the stream.
    I used Goggle Chrome network analyzer but couldn't find anything that would work to play in vlc.
    Any help I would appreciate.
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    Any ideas how to get vlc to play the audio stream (without using other software)? I can use youtube-dl to download or pipe to vlc, but I don't want to do that. I just want to find a url of the stream that vlc will play.
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  3. Neither of those links that you gave will play in vlc (Windows, or Android). See screenshot. I need to play in vlc on my Android device to be able to browse websites and simultaneously listen to the radio. If I use your links in the Android browser, when the browser is put in the background, the music stops. As I said in my first post, this url used to work in vlc, but no more:
    Here is an example of another radio station that works in vlc Android:
    Title1=Florida's 89.1 WUFT-FM Classical HD2
    When the above text is saved in notepad and changed to m3u8 extension, clicking on the icon will start the stream in vlc, Android and Windows. Below I also saved the m3u8 (see below red text). When vlc Android is playing the radio station, I can put vlc in the background and browse any website and the music still plays. That is what I want to find with the WSMC radio station. Now I can only play wsmc in the browser and the Android device can't be used to browse the internet.
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  4. Both links I gave played in VLC when I made the original post. But they expired a few minutes later and would no longer play (hence the addition to my post).

    I found another m3u8 file that I could download and play with MPCHC and a few other media players (not VLC) but it would only play for about 10 seconds. The local m3u8 file:

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  5. Question for Jagabo or anybody that knows:
    I contacted the radio station and they gave this url that works (plays in vlc and can be saved to xspf file to immediately play the stream):
    My question is: how can one find the above url? I tried playing the browser stream ( and used network tools and could not find any such link by myself. Is it possible that the link simply cannot be found (obfuscated), unless it is given by the radio station?
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