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    I tried doing a search but it kept coming up empty so I thought I'd ask.

    What program would you use, as of today, 11/17/17 to repair a broken mp4 file that isn't VLC Player or something claiming it can fix a minute of footage? I have several large broken mp4 files from OBS and I have been able to see how long each of them are and the size but it says offline and I have tried the VLC fix method and a couple programs that were junk. This is the website that has helped me find the correct programs since, well, this websites been around forever, back in the mpg days. Anyone have any suggestions other than re-recording because it keeps happening even when I start recording shorter files.
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  2. video repair tool is good but not cheap.
    recover_mp4 has always worked for me if you're comfortable with command lines. The instructions are pretty simple.
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  3. By the way, if Remo works the full repaired video is available in its $tp folder. Copy it from there before closing the program.
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  4. You can't fix corrupted data, you can extrapolate, mask and ignore errors.
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