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  1. Is it possible to rip Video_TS from a DVD and convert those files to BDMV format?

    I have some DVDs of my band performing with really cool menus that a friend made for me. I also still have the original 1080 video files. Now that I own a BD-r writer, I would like to make new Blu Ray versions of the discs with HD video.

    Is it possible to replace the original videos with the HD videos and burn them to Blu Ray while retaining the really cool menus he created for me?

    I am new to BDMV authoring, but I have had some experience authoring DVDs (Video_TS). Is there any software that can rip my menus from my DVDs and convert them to the proper format for BDMV?

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Menus are one of the things you CANNOT directly transfer between DVD and Blu-ray.

    Using a software player, you could do a screencap of the menus, open the pix in Photoshop and resize to HD. Then either directly use the as source for new menus, or create new HD layers on top of the original pix and then flatten before exporting to create cleaner highrez sources. Or go back to your friend and pay him a little extra to revisit the project in HD.
    The menus on dvd are a combination of the base picture, encoded as an mpeg still (single I-frame with different mux parameters than normal mpeg video) or video (if motion menu) and a couple of reduced-palette SUP overlays/masks for the highlighting and active region boundaries. It's possible to demux the base to raw mpeg, but you would probably have some major recompression artifacting, after resizing and saving as an intermediate PNG. And either way, you'd have to totally recreate the highlights/overlays/masks as they work differently (with much improved palette) in BD.

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