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  1. So I've got one of the old Panasonic DVD cameras i can get videos from the discs fine but my problem is the meta data of date on the files. So on the camera when i put a disc in the correct dates show up on the recordings, on PC when i play the disc on the topo menu the dates are correct but the metadata for the actual dates on the files in explorer are incorrect. When i put the disc in the camera and connect the camera with Panasonic video suite the dates are also incorrect. This happens with all of my DVDS what I want is to get the recordings to files with the correct date on the file. I would not like to manually change the date on the files. Any help is appreciated!
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    It is either stored in a separate metafile in the dvd filesystem (for instance, something like \root\VIDEO_TS\USERDATA.DAT), or in private user data fields/packets embedded or multiplexed into the mpeg video files.

    Check mediainfo on some sample files and you may find them that way.

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