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  1. Wish I could be posting this on Aegisub's own forums, but they seem to be down.

    Consider the following image:

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    The third grey box, "PÁTIO", is the translation of the word behind it,"COURTYARD". Since the translation is much shorter, in order to hide the underlying English word, I used the xbord command, as such:


    This allowed the grey border to grow horizontally and occlude the word behind it. However, the word PÁTIO is now misaligned with the other two words. How can I make the xbord apply only to the right horizontal border and not the left, so that I can align the three words?

    Thank you!
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    Try using the \p1 tag to make a standalone rectangle with the coordinate-based structure ({\p1}m 0 0 l 200 0 200 500 0 500) - That will create a rectangle in font's color 500x200, you can shape it to your will and even cut it with \clip... if you need any color change, just add another tags behind the p1 like so - {\p1\c&HFFFFFF&}m 0 0 l 200 0 200 500 0 500

    Note that you will need to create a new line with the same timing as the previous text mentioned
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