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  1. I'm not an active forum user (of any forum), so I hope I posted this in the right place.
    I have these videos in mkv and I want to add additional audio tracks in other languages, but since they're out of sync I need to edit them so they would fit this version.

    I tried using Filmora, but the moment I try to use the video file in it, PC crashes.

    I though "I'll just convert it to an SD mp4 version so I can use it Filmora"
    Nope. Every single converter I have failed and say they can't convert it.

    I can play the files without any problem, but that's all I can do with them. I can't edit nor conv. them.
    This never happened with any other matroska videos besides these.
    Maybe beacuse they're 10-bit. Idk.

    I've put info on the file in attachments if it's any help.
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    Perhaps Filmora can not handle your HEVC video?
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  3. Why don't you just use MkvToolNix to mux the new audio tracks with the tracks in existing MKV file?
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    Possibly because they don't match the movie scene cut version, or at least not the playing time (due to norm conversions):

    Originally Posted by ultima-lord View Post
    ..., but since they're out of sync I need to edit them so they would fit this version.
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    I think that the best solution you have to solve your problem is to make a frame comparison before (using a soft like avisynth for exemple) Then you'll be able to tell how much .ms or .s you have to add or remove. If the version of the film is the same it would be ok.
    Look at firt the framerate of both movie. You'll have to convert one or the other depending if you wanna respect the audio from one or the other.
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  6. These are BDRips. It's not a simple timing difference. It contains eyecatches, previous and next ep. previews and such.
    Audio I wonna add is from DVD and TV Rips from my country that was edited a bit.

    - While I typed this answer, I got an idea. I'll try to edit my audio in comparisson to extracted audio track of the MKV file.
    I hope I can sync it propeply that way.

    I'm still open to any suggestions if you know some good conversion or editing software, maybe some that can handle HEVC.
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  7. Convert the video to a more easily edited format for your editor (small frame, short GOP or all I frame). When you're done adjusting the audio add it to the original video file with MkvToolNix.
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  8. I solved it. I just changed the processor affinity in task manager for Filmora, and now that it's not overloading my drive, everything works fine.

    Admins can now close/ delete/ lock (whatever) this thread (idk how this forum works). Bye.
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