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  1. Hello,

    I subbed an 1h14min long video file, but it was only a temporary file until i could get my own on the proper one.
    The proper one however starts at the same moment but ends 2min earlier, because it seems to be slightly faster. It makes the whole subtitle file i made useless after 1min and 30 seconds into the file

    Is there any way i could somehow speed up the subtitle file so that the last line ends at 1h12min, aka synced to the proper video file?
    I searched a bit around ffmpeg and Aegisub but there doesn't seem to be any such option., and slowing down the new video file is not an option.
    I already started retiming everything but it will take days to complete

    Thanks for the help
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    Almost every subtitle program has two point synchronization. You set first subtitles time and last subtitles time and it will strech it according to this points.

    Edit: Probably you have 23,976 subtitles for 25 video, or other way round. Every program (subtitle) has this conversion between framerates too.

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  3. Thank you a lot, the temporary video file that i used was at 25fps and the proper one was 23.976, i used the "Transform framerate" option of aegisub to convert my subtitle to 23.976 and everything was timed correctly.
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