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  1. Dear friends
    Please can anyone help with the above problem.
    I have in my possession a DVD disk which I watch on the television - it runs from the normal standalone DVD player .
    This DVD disk has a menu: there are three documentary movies (videos) and one can choose from the menu which to watch (in the usual way of course).
    The three movies make up a series of three: originally these were three VHS videotapes which came out in the 1980's and later the producer decided to make this series all on one DVD.
    The original tapes had close-captioned subtitles, which could be viewed on the tv screen
    On the DVD version the subtitling remains the same - it is the close captioned variety.
    What I would like to do if possible please is to produce three MP4 files: one for each film. Furthermore, I would like to preserve the subtitles in the MP4 files that result. These to be hard coded (permanent).
    I am just a layperson. I have little or no expertise in this area apart from being a novice having tried out a few things.
    Please can anyone advise whether it would be possible to do the conversion job described?
    Best wishes
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    ian c
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