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  1. Hey,

    i don't still understand how to rip a commercial dvd.

    1) i want to rip a commercial dvd a) to dvd files (vob-files)
    b) and some others to .avi.

    What programs do i need?

    i find different programs on this forum : shrink, dvdfab decryptor, anydvd (i find this "Try install latest AnyDVD ($40)and you should be able to use DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter or any other tool as usual. AnyDVD runs automatically in the background." does it means that i need 3 different programs?)

    if i'm right, i need a programs to remove the protecting and another to rip?

    I tried years ago, dvd fab, but i don't understand how to use it..( newbie

    thx for helping
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  2. Use DVDFab to decrypt and save as a VIDEO_TS folder (this functionality is free). Then use whatever conversion software you want if you need smaller files -- like Handbrake (free) for avc/aac in an mp4 container.
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  3. thx for your answer, Jagabo.

    if i use DVDfab, i don't need dvdshrink?
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    Originally Posted by Fabke View Post
    i don't need dvdshrink?
    Latest version
    3.2 (July 25, 2004)
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  5. ok thx.
    i'll try.
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