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    Hello guys.

    I'm trying to load the codec MSUColorEnhancement in Virtualdub without much success, I always get the following message: ''Cannot load plugin module ''C:\Users\kalemvar\Desktop\VirtualDub (32bit)\plugins32\MSUColorEnhancement.vdf'': The specified module could not be found''

    I tried to VirtualDub 64 bit with the same result.

    Any specific reason why ?
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  2. The "module" that "could not be found" is probably not MSUColorEnhancement.vdf itself, it is probably a support library such as the Visual C++ Runtime

    [Attachment 43687 - Click to enlarge]

    Which runtime version though, I have no idea. Here's the latest runtime download from Microsoft, you can try it.

    MSUColorEnhancement loads fine for me BTW, using 64-bit Windows 8.1 and 32-bit VirtualDub or VdubFM.
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    Please do not call it a "codec", it is not used to save the video in a file in a specific format. As the extension suggests (VDF = "VirtualDub Filter"), it should be called a "filter".
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  4. It works for me:

    LoadVirtualDubPlugin("g:\Program files\VirtualDub\plugins\MSUColorEnhancement.vdf","MSUColor") 
    But that VirtualDub filter doesn't appear to accept any arguments. All you will get is the default settings. Even in VirtualDub, when you use Save Processing Settings the filter's settings are not included in the .vdscript file (and therefore not loaded when you Load Processing Settings).
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