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  1. I'm looking for a media player I can use to view videos at very slow speed. I know that VLC player is capable of this but when you go under 0.25x you can no longer hear the sound. I basically want the video to go slow to the point in which voices sound very deep as you see in some comedy television. Most of all the other players I've found simply don't go slower than 0.25x at all. Does anyone know of any software that can get me under that speed with sound?
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    Potplayer. press X for down speed and C for Up speed and Z for normalize speed. It worked with audio at 0,2 max. Just tested. Maybe some sources allowed even 0,1.
    Edit you will have to look in playback setting (in playback) for audio speed control and test different option.
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  3. MPCHC can slow to about 1/8 speed with lower pitch sound. SMPlayer goes as low as 1/10 but they try to maintain pitch.
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  4. Thanks guys. I forgot to mention I'm using Linux so I wasn't able to try Potplayer. I was actually able to fix the issue with VLC though. Disabling the 'Enable Time Stretching Audio' option in the audio settings stops the player from attempting to keep the pitch the same. Cheers.
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