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  1. Hello, getting a bit frustrated here. What I want to do very simple.

    Make a dvd that has only one menu, the main menu.

    I have a 10mb video I want on loop as the background for this menu. (this background loop video is something I made and is about 2 minutes with sound).

    Then 2 options on this main menu - Play Episode 1 and Play Episode 2.

    thats all. a menu for "scenes" is unnecessary.
    The software ive tried so far either forces me to have a bunch of non sense included in the main menu that I can't edit out and/or only allows a 30 second background loop for the menu screen.

    if anyone can help id be super happy, thanks.
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  2. DVDStyler

    Make a project without a template. Drag Episode 1+2 onto the empty menu. Double click the menu to get its property. Select background video. Tick "Loop""
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