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    Is there a good DVD Rip program to rip damaged DVD's I normally use Shrink or DVD Fab, but theyre both failing.....Thanks for any advice
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    You could try IsoPuzzle.

    You should also wash the DVD to clean the surface. I use dish soap and a soft paper towel to dry.
    Any large scratches or gouges may be unreadable, but you may recover the rest.
    Some optical drives are better than others at reading problem discs.

    And you also need a decryption program for commercial discs.

    I have had to hand polish a few DVDs to smooth out scratches.

    Some CD stores may have polishers and charge a nominal fee for the service.
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  3. You can try MakeMkv.
    I recently had a tv series dvd disc that wouldn't play in player or computer.
    It at least allowed me to get the episodes off the disc.
    Not a sure-fire solution but won't hurt to try.
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